DMMC fills prescriptions for our medical patients only. You must be an active patient of the medical clinic. Prescriptions sent by a referral physician/provider may also be filled for our patients. Assistance is provided in a variety of ways.

Discounted prices: Medicines are purchased at a discounted rate and the discount is passed along to the patient. Prices vary depending upon the cost of the medication.

Medication Assistance Programs and Bulk Replenishment: Many pharmacy Manufacturers offer assistance for uninsured individuals who meet the criteria for their programs. DMMC staff completes applications on behalf of the patient, provided the patient has provided all the necessary documentation.

North Carolina Med Assist: For patients who qualify, they can apply for assistance through NC MedAssist in Charlotte. DMMC does not complete these applications, but are happy to help fax them for a patient.

Limited resources: are available for assistance for a one time emergency.

Prices: pharmacy charges are dependent on the cost and the source of medications being dispensed. Insured patients pricing are dictated by the insurance company.