Patient Eligibility

Before services can be provided, ALL uninsured patients must provide the necessary paperwork to determine their eligibility. All patients must provide some form of picture ID and proof of residency.
To be seen on the Charitable Clinic side at Davidson Medical Ministries Clinic, a patient must have NO insurance. You must provide a Medicaid denial letter or proof of exemption from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace. An ACA Navigator is on site to assist you with your applications.
Those who have Medicaid, Medicare or private insurance will be seen by Davidson Health Services, a sister organization of Davidson Medical Ministries. If you have insurance, you must provide your insurance card.

Income Levels

  • If your household income is under 100% of the Federal Poverty Level there will be a $20 co-pay for medically related services.  Does not include dental services.
  • If your household income is between 101-200% of the Federal Poverty Level, there will be a sliding scale fee.  You will be asked to pay the $20 co-pay when you arrive and you will be billed for the percent of the total cost of your bill.
  • A copy of your last year’s tax return must be provided for medication assistance.
  • Proof of your household’s gross income must be provided.  This includes check stubs, copies of checks, bank statements, letters from Social security, proof of food stamps amount, proof of disability deposits.  This information is for anyone in the household for one consecutive month and must be for the past 30 days.

Eligibility Certification is good for 6 months, after which time the eligibility process must be repeated before further services can be provided.  Failure to provide the necessary paperwork requested for eligibility will result in the patient being billed 100% for services provided. There is NO GRACE period for recertifications.  This may also mean loss of placement in limited space programs.

Your clinic ID card is your insurance card for DMMC.  Without your card you are not eligible for services.  Keep your card with you and present it for all services.