Frequently Asked Questions

Is DMMC a hospital?

DMMC is NOT a hospital; DMMC is a private, not-for-profit, health care center.

Is DMMC free to its patients?

DMMC services provided inside our clinic are NOT free. Therefore, there are co-pays set. In some instances, patients will be billed for a percent of a cost of their visit.

Can we bring our children to our appointments?

We understand that parents must sometimes bring their children to the clinic. We have a designated children’s play area. It is the parents’ or guardian’s responsibility to monitor your children while in this area and to clean up the area when you leave. Children that are loud and disruptive will be asked to leave

What are some things DMMC-DHC does not allow?

The following rules MUST be followed whenever you are on DMMC property:

  • DMMC does not tolerate rude of vulgar behavior or language.  Those exhibiting poor behavior will be asked to leave and services can and will be suspended or terminated at the discretion of DMMC management.  Failure to leave when asked will result in the calling of the police.
  • NO alcohol or street drugs are permitted on DMMC property at ANY time! If a patient smells of alcohol or is suspected to be on drugs they WILL NOT be served!
  • NO tobacco use is permitted on DMMC property. Cigarettes are to be disposed of properly.  They are not to be tossed on the ground.  Do NOT smoke in our parking lot, yard or porch area.
  • NO concealed handguns or any other weapons are permitted on DMMC property. The only exception is when in the possession of a law enforcement officer or other authorized personnel.

What happens if I cannot keep my appointment?

If you are unable to keep your appointment, call to cancel and reschedule. If you “NO Show’ your appointment, it not only keeps you from receiving services, it prevents someone else from getting services, and it misuses our staff time. Three (3) ‘NO Shows” and your services will be suspended for six (6) months.

Should I cancel if I do not have the co-pay?

NO, while DMMC expects you to make every effort to pay your co-pay upon arrival, if you do not have the entire amount, pay what you can. If you have none, come anyway; the co-pay will be billed to you.

How do I get help for procedures or referrals??

If you are uninsured and your provider orders a procedure or referral, you will be instructed to go to the hospital (Lexington or Thomasville) and apply for financial assistance. Once the application is approved, the procedure or appointment can be made. Failure to complete the application will result in DMMC not being able to make your appointment. Failure to keep the procedure/specialty appointment will result in DMMC not being able to make another appointment.