Davidson Medical Ministries Clinic was organized in 1991 as a private not-for profit free clinic. The doors opened in February 1992 to serve adult uninsured patients with basic medical, dental, and pharmacy services. Professional and nonprofessional volunteers provided care on Monday and Thursday evenings. Davidson Medical Ministries Clinic started as a faith-based ministry believing that everyone should have access to basic healthcare and that God calls us to be his hands and his feet to the world. Today, Davidson Medical Ministries clinic has grown far beyond the Monday and Thursday evening clinics. There are two full-time medical clinics and one dental clinic. A change from free clinic to charitable clinic with paid staff supplemented by volunteers. In 2012 Davidson Medical Ministries clinic partnered with contact your health to add a federally qualified health center component. As a result the underinsured individuals with Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance can be served. Many things have changed but our purpose and our mission remains the same. “ To minister to the needs of those in our communities who lack resources to access quality healthcare regardless of the ability to pay“

Our Mission

Davidson Medical Ministries exists to provide better access to medical care for residence of Davidson County. We are here to assist our community regardless of their income insurance race ethnicity or religion.

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